Just a thought...

What happens when you put a bunch of trainers, coaches, and fitness junkies in one room?  Well, let's just say, they think they can achieve anything....and here's some evidence that they can!

Skydiving from 15000ft!
17 January 2019 Skydiving from 15000ft! It was a bright summer's day just a few miles from the Devon coast when the Total Body family took to the skies!  Climbing to the maximum altitude 15,000ft they jumped from the super-fast Beech aircraft and flew for 60 seconds in free fall before spiralling and floating back down to... Read More
Mount Kilimanjaro Team Summit
31 March 2015 Mount Kilimanjaro Team Summit In March 2015, a small group of Total Body Trainers & Clients embarked on an epic journey to summit the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.  It was the climax of months of training and team building and was to be a true adventure of emotional and physical challenges. Read More
A Journey to Fitness
1 January 2015 A Journey to Fitness My journey really started back in 2012 when I joined the local swimming club as a ‘master’ and rediscovered my passion for swimming, but a shoulder injury caused by the training forced me to seek advice from Simon in March 2013 and receive treatment from Paula the Osteopath on the... Read More
Fire & Ice - Icelands Toughest Footrace
31 August 2014 Fire & Ice - Icelands Toughest Footrace I can’t remember why I signed up, but I can remember Simon’s face when I told him I had entered a 250km self-sufficient foot race in Iceland.  I think he was as curious as me about whether I’d make it.  He knows that my problem isn’t crossing the finish line,... Read More

start of quote Life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer end of quote
Arnold Swarzenegger