Don't just take it from us.  Here's what our clients have to say.

Emma Attwood
Emma Attwood My Total Body journey began in August 2016 when I made an appointment a to see Simon to talk to him about the issues I was having with my back. I got to the point where I was walking my dogs one day and my back was aching so much... Read More
Leanne Barrett
Leanne Barrett I started training with Simon having put on two  stone when I was pregnant with my little girl. When I was able to start training again, I came back to the gym and got stuck in a rut where I was training up to 4 times per week but... Read More
Kelly Swindells
Kelly Swindells January 2017 was the beginning of what I thought would be a terrifying, and pointless journey. Knowing how little my will power normally hangs around for, I thought I would only last a matter of a few days, not the whole 8 weeks. Read More
Mary Bonner
Mary Bonner My journey really started back in 2012 when I joined the local swimming club as a ‘master’ and rediscovered my passion for swimming, but a shoulder injury caused by the training forced me to seek advice from Simon in March 2013 and receive treatment from Paula the Osteopath on the... Read More
Becki Davies
Becki Davies The thought of the gym and doing any form of physical exercise has always terrified me, partly because of the fear of failing and partly because I’d have no idea what I was doing. So when the biggest looser challenge came around it took a lot to convince myself to... Read More
Fire & Ice
Fire & Ice I can’t remember why I signed up, but I can remember Simon’s face when I told him I had entered a 250km self-sufficient foot race in Iceland.  I think he was as curious as me about whether I’d make it.  He knows that my problem isn’t crossing the finish line,... Read More
Alan Jinks
Alan Jinks Alan Jinks, 67, first fell ill in 2004 when he had a heart attack. Five years later a stent collapsed meaning the former Branston golf treasurer and captain ended up back in hospital. Read More

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